Low Impact Paintball


Don’t get us wrong… paintball has always been a popular sports option!
The idea of red welts and bruises, however, wasn’t so appealing. In recent years paintball developers have constructed a low impact paintball experience that would appeal to a wider variety of people.

The major turning point for paintball was due to the introduction of the 50-caliber paintball gun. Due to the paintball’s smaller size, the chance of stings and bruises was much smaller. The gun was just the start of creating this low impact experience, though.

Here are a few other contributing factors:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Clothing
  • Paintball
  • Temperature

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Low Impact Paintball


How fast will the paintball be flying towards me?
Since we use a lower weight, 50-cal paintball, they aren’t producing as much energy when leaving the gun. Combined with the fact that we position our guns at lower speeds than a standard 68-cal, there’s less chance of being stung by a paintball hit.

How does your distance from the shooter affect your experience?
At Crossfire Paintball, players are not allowed to cross over to the other side of the field. This means there’s no chance of getting shot from a dangerously close range. If you’re brand new to the game, and really nervous about being hit, you can always stick towards the back of the course. From there, no one will be able to get any closer to you than fifty feet. When the paintball has further to fly, it begins to lose energy in the air, so that when it hits you the sting is much less intense and helps contribute to the idea of low impact paintball.

How does clothing play a role?
Since our facility is 100% air-conditioned, there’s no need to worry about getting too hot. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to bundle up in comfortable clothing. When you have on a couple of layers, you’ll probably barely feel the paintballs when you get hit.

What type of paintball were you shot by?
There’s a big reason we don’t allow any outside paintballs. At Crossfire Paintball, we only use special Field Paint Only ammo. These paintballs are built to break open easily. Thanks to these non-stain paintball options, we can safely say that we offer our customers a low impact field.

What temperature are the paintballs kept at?
When paintballs get either too hot, or too cold, they have a tendency to seize up, making it harder for them to break open. Not only do our low impact paintballs get delivered on a climate-controlled truck, we keep them completely sealed in our own climate-controlled facility until they’re ready to be used. This idea further contributes to the low impact paintball experience we’ve been discussing.

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