Team Building & Company Events
in Wilmington, NC

Bringing your team together in FUN and exciting ways!

Are you tired of the same old company events and team building activities? Look no further than Crossfire! We offer a wide range of exciting options for everyone to enjoy. From axe throwing to paintball, GellyBall, and Nerf, we have it all! Host the most talked about company event of the year in the Wilmington area. Whether you’re seeking team building experiences or simply a rewarding and fun-filled place to unwind with your co-workers, Crossfire has something for everyone.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customer had to say!

Joseph Wade

"Had a team building party for my staff at Crossfire last night and had an absolute blast. We played GellyBall and did Axe Throwing. The staff were great about making sure everyone had fun and stayed safe. We had some food catered and were provided a nice area to hang out and eat. Truly exceptional experience at a surprisingly low price."

Employee Bonding

When you’re sitting at work, everyone is aware of the unspoken ranking order among employees. Out on the paintball field, however, the ground is level, and everyone is the same as everyone else. There’s no reason that an intern can’t take down the CEO! It’s the perfect way to break down walls – and all the rules – and open up communication amongst your team in the Wilmington area.

Fun Competition

Want to light a little theoretical fire under your team? Striking up some friendly competition is a great way to generate enthusiasm for work. After you’ve finished with your paintball experience, try and explain how you want to bring the same level of excitement and hard work back into the office.

unique experience

 I don’t know about you, but an afternoon on the paintball course, or throwing axes sounds like a whole lot more fun than the same old happy hour cocktails. When you’re trying to win a new client, give them something to remember, and set yourself apart from the competition! You can even use our interior staging area to showcase your sales pitch after you’ve gotten done battling it out!

The perfect venue for corporate events near Wilmington!

Crossfire has designed various team building activities in the Wilmington area to help your company build comradery, communication, and cooperation. We offer multiple action-packed activities such as paintball, GellyBall, Nerf, and axe throwing – everything you need to build better teamwork with your employees and coworkers.

Our large facility can easily host your group, large or small, and since we are indoors you’ll never have to worry about canceling because of lousy weather!

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