Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars at Crossfire Paintball is a competitive team sport for the whole family. Nerf Wars is tailored to be fun for all age groups 5 and older. We specialize in birthday parties, team-building and employee parties. Bring in your team for a party or book a fundraiser for your organization.


**Please note: Space in the party room can be added for $29.99. You will receive 1 table for <6 players, 2 tables for 6-10 players, and 3 tables for 11-15 players. We provide table covers for the tables. Please read the COVID Update above for more information regarding the booking process.

Nerf is an activity that everyone can join in the fun! We found that with Nerf parties, parents and siblings love to jump in the action! Keep that in mind when booking! 

  • Nerf Admission

  • $14.99/Playerhour
    • Admission
    • 1 Hour of Play
    • Nerf Gun Rental
    • Eye Protection
    • Unlimited Ammo


  • $29.99Group
    • Use of the party room for 45 minutes after a nerf session
    • Outside food and drinks are permitted (no alcohol)
    • Table Covers are provided
    • You will receive 1 table for <6 players, 2 tables for 6-10 players, and 3 tables for 11-15 players.



By booking all 15 slots in a session, the Nerf field will be private for just your group. There may be other customers in the facility.

Parties arriving later than 30 minutes past reserved time will result in loss of time slot with no refund. Please arrive on time to guarantee a smooth experience!

Nerf Wars FAQ

Can we bring in outside food and drinks?

Yes! Unlike most party destinations, we allow you to bring in, or have delivered, any outside food or non-alcoholic drinks that you would like! We have a refrigerator and freezer that you can use to store anything that needs to remain cold.

Save time and sign a waiver online!

Once you book a party at Crossfire there is only one more thing you have to do! Every player and spectator will have to sign a waiver before they play or enter the spectator area. Waivers can be found at the top of our page There is no need to print anything or bring anything with you to our facility. Waivers are sent to us electronically!

What should we wear?

Players can wear shorts and a t-shirt! Our facility is 100% climate controlled so players don’t have to worry about being too hot or cold. Be sure to wear shoes! Protective glasses are included the admission!

Are players supervised?

Yes! A Crossfire Paintball crew member will always be in the party area as well as the Nerf field. Safety is our number one priority.

Can we bring in our own Nerf guns?

Yes! You can bring any Nerf gun from home as long as it shoots standard Nerf darts! Please leave your ammo (darts) at home. We supply unlimited nerf darts for your party. We wouldn’t want your Nerf darts to get mixed in with ours!

Nerf Reservations

Crossfire Paintball now offers Nerf for younger ages! Want to get the rush of close quarters combat but worried paintball hurts too bad? It’s okay – try a Nerf Party first!  At our Wilmington location we offer paintball along side of nerf. This means you can bring your older kids to play paintball while the younger ones play nerf!