Fun activities for kids in the Wilmington area


Nerf wars is a great activity for younger children at Crossfire Paintball and Nerf. Our Nerf field features large inflatable barriers guaranteeing a safe and fun experience. At Crossfire, you don’t have to have a large group to have a Nerf war. We offer open play times during the week and on the weekend. If you do have a larger group, Nerf is the perfect cost-effective activity. We found that with Nerf, parents love to jump into the action in addition to the players. We started offering an up to 30-player package so nobody has to be left out! Check out our Nerf party packages here:


We figured out a way to make paintball safe and enjoyable for kids as young as 8 years old. At Crossfire Paintball and Nerf, we use low-impact 50-caliber paintballs. Our paintballs provide one-third of the sting of a traditional 68-caliber paintball. This means no more bloody welts. The “paint” in our paintballs consists of vegetable oil and food coloring to ensure it will come out of all clothing. We require all players to wear long sleeves and long pants when participating in paintball. Even though our paintballs are low-impact, there is a little sting to it! Wearing long sleeves and long pants creates a more enjoyable experience!

We are most popular among birthday parties, team building, corporate events, and holiday parties, but that doesn’t mean smaller groups and solo players can’t jump into the action! Our hours vary by group size. Our party/group packages can be found here: Birthday Parties. Group packages can be booked every single day, while open play sessions are only offered on certain days.

We also offer GellyBall. Perfect for ages 6+, the GellyBalls blasters shoot a soft gel ball, much like an Orbeez that your kids probably already play with. Unlike Nerf guns, where the players have to constantly reload with ammo off the floor, a GellyBall blaster holds 750 shots without reloading! Just pull the trigger and they shoot! GellyBall guns shoot 12 balls a second and are fully automatic making it super easy for ages six and up to use!

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