Trampoline Parks in Wilmington NC

Trampoline Parks in Wilmington NC

Crossfire Paintball and Nerf can provide you with a fun and affordable alternative to jumping on trampolines. We offer a wide variety of adrenaline packed activities at a competitive price!

Low-impact paintball is the perfect activity for anyone over the age of 8. Unlike traditional paintballs that can leave large welts and bloody bruises, our low impact 50 caliber paintballs are smaller, lighter, and provide 1/3 of the sting. The smaller paintballs that we use allow the equipment to be a little less bulky than equipment of the past. This makes it easier for all kids to participate in low impact paintball! Most of our birthday parties that we host are between the ages of 8-15, but that doesn’t mean that adults and teens can’t jump into the action! We host a wide variety of adult birthday parties, bachelor parties, team building events, and corporate events! If we do not have a package large enough online for your group give us a call at 910-466-4427!

Nerf wars at Crossfire Paintball and Nerf is the perfect activity for kids ages 5 and up! Most Nerf parties range between 5-9. Once kids turn 10 they typically spend more time watching paintball than playing Nerf at their Nerf party! Our Nerf packages include all the gear needed to play and use of our party room. We believe that parties should be able to bring in any food or drink that they want, so we lowered our admission price and allow you to do just that!

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