The Average Cost Of A Birthday Party in Wilmington NC

The Average Cost Of A Birthday Party in Wilmington NC

Have you ever wondered what the average cost of a birthday party is in Wilmington, NC? When  you factor in the party venue and the cost to feed all the attendees, the average cost of a party exceeds $500. 

Indoor paintball and nerf are affordable adrenaline packed activities that come in under budget every time. Crossfire Paintball and Nerf offers paintball party packages as low as $149.99 and Nerf party packages as low as $134.99. We take a different approach to birthday parties in almost every aspect. Here are a few reasons we are different than the competition.

Food and Drinks

Most party venues in Wilmington, NC determine your options for food and usually there is just one option. Either you purchase their food at an elevated price, or the party host is required to purchase food from a specific restaurant at a price in which the party destination sets. At Crossfire Paintball and Nerf we reduce the price of our party packages and let our parties determine what they would like to bring in. We have no limitations to what you can bring food wise. 

Party Room

Typically, businesses are not designed specifically for birthday parties. This means that the party rooms are an after thought. Are you tired of booking a party at a venue and only being allowed to use the “party room” for 30 minutes? Sure, 30 minutes is enough time to eat, but is it enough time to set up and clean up. Most Mom’s and Dad’s booking parties like to set up a little early so when the kids come in after playing the room is ready for them. We set up our party room with no time limits in mind. Our party area is a 5,200 sq ft room. Your group will receive a certain number or tables in the room depending on how many players you book for! For paintball, there is truly no time limit. Nerf has a 2 hour time limit use of the party room. There is no additional cost to use the party area. 

Paintball and Nerf 

Compared to other comparable activities in town, our paintball and nerf prices are two of the most affordable options. Paintball starts as low as $19.99 + tax per person depending on the number of players that you have. Nerf starts as low as $9.99 per person depending on the number of players that you have. Our prices include all the equipment needed to participate, use of the party room, and table covers to make the clean-up process easier.

When you factor in all the cost savings involved with having yours or your child’s birthday party at Crossfire Paintball and Nerf its a no-brainer! Parties can be booked online at or over the phone at 910-466-4427