Pizza Places in Wilmington NC

Pizza Places in Wilmington NC

What makes a great birthday party, bachelor party, or team building corporate event? Is it the adrenaline packed experience that crossfire creates, the exciting atmosphere, the celebratory food and cake, or maybe all of the above?

Many party venues make the decisions for you regarding food and drinks. We think that parties should be able to bring in what they want, so we lowered the prices, cut the food out of the cost, and created a more lenient atmosphere for our party hosts. One of the most poplar food items that parties supply is pizza. Here is a list of our most popular pizza delivery spots closest to Crossfire:

1.Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut located on Castle Hayne Rd in Wrightsboro is our most popular delivery option. At a little over a half a mile away Pizza Hut always shows up within 30 minutes of ordering. They also give us a special rate.

2. Little Buffalo’s Pizza

Little Buffalo’s Pizza is located at the corner of Castle Hayne Rd and Kerr Ave. If you’re looking for something a little fancier than Pizza Hut or Dominos, this is a great option! Their pies are large so order accordingly.

3. Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza is located downtown on Market St and 16th Street. Like Pizza Hut, Dominos is a great option if you’re looking for a cost effective way to feed a large group of people. A special rate is given to Crossfire customers

4. Chickfila 

While this isn’t a pizza option, Chick-fil-A is rising to the top as one of the most popular party snacks for all of our groups. Located on Market St, Chick-fil-A will delivery you order in a electric heated bag ensuring that the contents of the package remain warm. If you tired of serving pizza for every party, give Chick-fil-A a try!