Crossfire Paintball and Nerf Low Impact Paintball

Crossfire Paintball and Nerf Low Impact Paintball

Crossfire Indoor Paintball exclusively uses low impact paintballs. Low-impact paintball is a newer version of paintball that is played with 50 caliber paintballs instead of 68 caliber paintballs. 50 caliber paintballs are lighter and create less of an impact when it hits a player. A college study determined that a 50 caliber paintball created one third of the impact of a traditional 68 caliber paintball. In addition to exclusively using 50 caliber low impact paintballs, we are also a field paint only and rental only field. 

There are many reasons that fields do not allow customers to bring in their own paintballs. Paintballs fields like to have control of the quality of the paintballs they distribute. Paintballs stored in warmer climates will cause the shells to become hard and severely increase the impact that the paintball creates. Paintballs stored in cooler climates will make the paintball more brittle and could cause it break prematurely. There are also many different quality levels of paintballs. Most paintball manufacturers have three to five different stages of paintball quality and they are rated based on how brittle they are. A customer could purchase cheaper paint at Walmart or Dicks Sporting Goods that doesn’t break as easy and causes a more painful shot. At Crossfire Paintball and Nerf we use a paintball custom made for our liking so we have more control of how it feels on impact. 

Another large factor that contributes to a customers experience while playing paintball is the equipment that they’re using. We do not allow customers to bring in outside paintball guns or paintballs. This allows us to control the speed that other players are being shot at and ensure that everyone that plays here is on a level playing field. Not all paintball guns are created the same. There are some manufactured that shoot paintballs at a much higher rate than others that cause the rental players at a field to have a massive disadvantage. 

If you’re worried about if paintball is a safe activity for a child or teen, don’t be! A majority of our parties are between the ages of 8-11. Our participants always have a blast! Even though the majority of our parties are between 8-11, that doesn’t mean adults don’t love it too. We specialize in groups, birthday parties, team building, and bachelor parties, so book your event today!

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