Adult Birthday Party Ideas in Wilmington NC

Adult Birthday Party Ideas in Wilmington NC

So, you’re planning a birthday party for an adult and you’re tired of doing the same old thing every year. Sure, bars are fun but they become repetitive and boring. Wilmington doesn’t offer a wide variety of activities for adults that doesn’t involve drinking. That’s why we opened a completely indoor and climate controlled paintball facility. Our 16,000 square foot building is always the perfect temperature for adrenaline packed paintball.

At Crossfire Paintball and Nerf, we do paintball differently. You may have gone to paintball fields as a youngster, or have a family member that has played, and remember seeing the tremendous welts and bruises that were present after playing. We exclusively use .50 caliber low impact paintballs at our facility. This means less mess, less sting, and more fun! All participants at Crossfire must use our low impact paintball marker. While the paintballs that we use provide a lesser impact on the body, there is still a little sting to it, so we recommend wearing long sleeves and long pants! One of the most frequent questions customers ask is “Are my clothes going to get ruined?” The answer is no! Our paintballs are filled with vegetable oil and food coloring. Our paintballs will wash out of any and all clothing if it is washed within a couple days of coming to play!

The best thing about paintball is how the sessions are structured! Unlike most places, at Crossfire there is no time limit. Customers are only limited by how much ammo they have. Our packages come with a certain amount of ammo. Once you shoot through it, you can either stop playing or purchase more. The average group will play for about 2-3 hours, although we have some group that will purchase additional and play all day!


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