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Monday: Closed – Reservation Only (Minimum party of 10)
Tuesday: Closed – Reservation Only (Minimum party of 10)
Wednesday: OPEN – 12PM – 6PM
Thursday: OPEN – 12PM – 6PM
Friday: OPEN – 12PM – 8PM
Saturday:OPEN -10AM – 8PM
Sunday: OPEN – 12PM – 6PM

Please note that the latest reservations you can make are two hours before we close each day.

All Inclusive Paintball Price: $24.99

Looking for a deal? Save money and time by pre paying for your paintball event! Discount prices are available online. Book your spot today!

Package pricing includes: Admission (no time limit), all day air fills, rental paintball gun setup (marker, tank and loader), full head protection mask and 100 paintballs per person!

*If you would like to enhance your experience you may do so with any of our upgrades at the door! You may also purchase more ammo as you need it and stay as long as you would like.

Keep Playing!

Keep playing for as long as you would like! That’s right, there is no time limit with any package that players choose. Extra paintballs are sold separately in 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 round counts.

You can book your party online easily now! If you want to play on a date or time that is not available? We can open on days and times when we are normally closed. Give us a call at 910-466-4427 for after hours pricing.

Private Group Prices

Want to play with just your group? We can do that! Any day during normal hours we offer what’s called a “Private Field Rotation” ($100 one-time fee). The private field fee allows you and your group to play each other without other players mixing in. All of the groups games will be private. We will rotate you and your group on and off the field, alternating with our general admission players. The private option lasts as long as your group stays and is in addition to normal pricing. If you do not choose the private field option, your group may be mixed in with the crowd. Players will only play other players of a similar age and/or skill level.

Want to play outside of our normal hours?

Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of desired play time and pricing starts at $1000/group. You may book the party by simply giving us a call at 910-466-4427!

IMPORTANT: Outside of normal hours prepaid reservations are absolutely non-refundable. Reservations may NOT be altered, cancelled or refunded. If less than the amount booked show up for the event, no refund will be issued.

Crossfire Indoor Paintball