The Ultimate Bachelor Party in Wilmington, NC – Book Your Event Today

So you’ve been picked as the best man for your buddy’s future wedding, and you’re trying to decide on a bachelor party that has nothing to do with half-dressed women…Crossfire Paintball has just what you’re looking for!


Getting together with your best friends and shooting one another at a bachelor paintball party sounds like the perfect way to let off some steam from all that pre-wedding stress!

We specialize in bachelor parties that any bride would be happy with, and any groom would absolutely love.

Whether you have a small or large group, we can make your party a success! You can either come by and play during our normal business hours or you can set up your own private event. When you schedule a private event, you can come by at any time that our facility is closed to the general public – that means you have the entire facility to yourself!

Feel free to make your bachelor party special by bringing in whatever kind of food you’d like. Just remember we don’t allow alcohol, so save it for the party bus, or bars, later on that night.

Take a look at our Pricing Page, or give us a call at 910-466-4427 to schedule your event today.

Bachelor Parties