Modifications have been made to the usual booking process for paintball. Instead of booking group packages, we are selling individual tickets and limiting the number of players per session to 12. Sessions include 1.5 hours of play time, all gear rental, and 200 paintballs per player. If you would like to book a private field paintball session please book all 12 slots. Private field means the paintball field is completely private for the hour and a half. There may be other customers in the facility. We ask that parties arrive 15 minutes early to go over safety rules. Players showing up late will not receive additional play time.


In an effort to limit the number of people congregating in the party area, we ask that parties limit the number of spectators. Please encourage your group members to drop off players.




-Pricing drops from $29.99 to $24.99 plus tax per player

-Space in the party room is not automatically included in the package ($29.99 add-on)

-There is no group minimum for play or party space add on

-Players will check in at different times than nerf players/groups

-We are limiting the number of Nerf players to 15 and the number of paintball players to 12 in a session

Birthday Parties

Don’t get us wrong… paintball has always been a popular sports option!


The idea of red welts and bruises, however, wasn’t so appealing. In recent years paintball developers have constructed a low impact paintball experience that would appeal to a wider variety of people.


The major turning point for paintball was due to the introduction of the 50-caliber paintball gun. Because of the paintball’s smaller size, the chance of stings and bruises was much smaller. In addition to the smaller sized paintball, we do not allow customers to bring in their own equipment/paintball guns, so everyone is the on the same level!


With our paintball packages, there is no time limit! You’re only  limited by how much ammo you have! Our packages give you twice as much ammo as the standard admission, so you get to play longer! Additional ammo can be purchased to play longer!


Since our whole facility is indoor, you never have to worry about canceling plans for bad weather. We’re open and ready no matter what it looks like outside. So what are you waiting for?




Parties arriving later than 30 minutes past reserved time will result in loss of time slot with no refund. Please arrive on time to guarantee a smooth experience!




Please Note: Party packages are not guaranteed to be private. Other parties may be in the facility at the same time your group is here.

Prices and packages

  • Paintball Admission Per Player

  • $24.991.5 Hours
    • Admission
    • 1.5 Hours of Play
    • 200 Paintballs Per Player (Additional Paintballs Can Be Purchased)
    • All Rental Gear
    • Unlimited Air Refills


  • $29.99Group
    • Use of the party room for 45 minutes after a paintball session
    • Outside food and drinks are permitted (no alcohol)
    • Table Covers are provided
    • You will receive 1 table for <6 players, 2 tables for 6-10 players, and 3 tables for 11-15 players.

 With paintball, you are not limited by time. Instead, you are limited by how much ammo your group has. Every player shoots paintballs at a different rate. We sell additional ammo if you would like to play longer!