Modifications have been made to the usual booking process for Nerf and paintball. Instead of booking group packages, we are selling individual tickets and limiting the number of players per session to 15 for Nerf and 12 for paintball.  If you would like to book a private field Nerf or paintball session please book all 15 slots for Nerf or 12 for paintball. Private field means the field is completely private for the hour. There may be other customers in the facility. We ask that parties arrive 15 minutes early to go over safety rules.


In an effort to limit the number of people congregating in the party area, we ask that parties limit the number of spectators. Please encourage your group members to drop off players.




-Pricing drops on both paintball and Nerf

-Space in the party room is not automatically included in the package ($29.99 add-on)

-There is no group minimum for play or party space add on

-Groups will check in at different times than paintball players/groups

-We are limiting the number of Nerf players to 15 and the number of paintball players to 12 in a session

Additional Precautionary Measures



-Masks will not be used multiple times over a 5 day period.

-Paintballs guns and masks will be tagged with numbers so players can keep track of their equipment

-Hand sanitizer will, as always, be placed around the facility with easy access




-Nerf glasses will not be used multiple times over a 5 days period

-We have reduced the capacity allowed to encourage customers to spread out

-Nerf gun rentals will be assigned to players. We encourage players to bring their own nerf guns



-Only one group will check in at a time

-We will have extra staff on hand to assist in implementing rule changes and cleaning throughout the day

-We have opened up the facility more to spread out customers and will be limiting the number of customers in the facility at one time