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Looking for a more intense paintball experience? Wondering what tournament paintball is all about? Crossfire Indoor Paintball in Wilmington, NC has introduced the best way to stay competitive throughout the humid Wilmington summers and freezing winters. We have created a competitive atmosphere every Sunday night (5PM-10PM) for players to hone their skills with like minded paintball players. Advanced play is the best tournament paintball practice in the area and was specifically designed to avoid the shortcomings of standard “open” or “walk-on play” with non-competitive players.


What kind of paintballs do you use for advanced play and how much does it cost?
We use Valken Mid-Grade Field Paint. The price is $60/2000 round case – $20/500 round bag.

Can I bring my left over Crossfire Paintball field paint?
Yes, of course! Come back and just pay for admission

Can I wear cleats?
Only indoor cleats. Check out our proper footwear page.

Why is Advanced Play on Sunday?
We want to offer new and experienced paintball players the opportunity to bring their own gear and play with full size regulation 68 caliber paintballs.

If you have any questions about hours, retail products, or general information give us a call at 910-466-4427.

Crossfire Advanced Play Indoor Paintball
Crossfire Indoor Paintball