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1. What is the minimum age?

Thanks to our great 50 caliber guns, we’re able to let kids as young as 6 play.

2. Do we need reservations?

Yes, we do insist on reservations! It couldn’t be easier with our Online Reservation Form.

3. What if we have a small group?

We accommodate groups of any size, even if its just one person! We still request that you make a reservation, however.

4. Can I sign a waiver for somebody else?

No, you can’t. We must have a waiver signed by a parent, or legal guardian for anyone under 18. Our Online Waiver form makes it easy, though.

5. Do you have party rooms?

While we don’t have individual party rooms, we’d be happy to reserve a table for your next party or event!

6. Can we bring in our own food?

Absolutely! We do have a snack bar with a variety of choices, but you’re more than welcome to bring in anything you’d like, except alcohol!

7. Can we carry in a cooler?

We prefer you bring coolers on wheels, or let us carry your cooler in for you!

8. How long do parties last?

Typically, our parties last around 2 ½ hours, but it’s really up to you! We’ll let you stay as long as you’d like, so you’re in charge!

9. How long will 100 paintballs last?

This will really depend on the person. If you head out onto the course and strategically plan each move, 100 paintballs could last you a couple of hours. If, however, you’re nonstop shooting all over the place, you’re probably looking at about 15-20 minutes.

10. Can we bring alcohol?

Unfortunately, there is no alcohol allowed on our premises due to insurance restrictions. Sorry guys!

11. Can I bring in my own paintball equipment?

We will only allow rental markers on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. When it comes to the paintballs themselves, you can only use the Field Only ammo we sell on site.

On Sunday nights (5PM-10PM) we have an advanced/tournament play night, you can bring your own gear (any type of marker) – however we will still be field paint only.

12. Does it hurt when you get hit?

Depending on where you get hit, and at how close of a range, we won’t lie, it can sting a little bit. However, when you’re having so much fun and your adrenaline is pumping, you usually don’t even realize you’ve been hit. Wearing comfortable, padded clothing is the best way to prevent any harmful hits or marks.

13. What am I supposed to wear?

Any players on our course are required to wear the facemask that comes with each of our pricing packages. Beyond that, we suggest full coverage and padding. Don’t forget this is an indoor, air-conditioned course. You don’t have to worry about getting too hot. For an extra $10, you can rent our protective clothing package.

14. Does the paint wash out?

You’ll be surprised to hear that our paintballs don’t actually have any paint in them! That being said, yes they do wash out. They’re made from food grade synthetic oil filler that is non-toxic and non-staining.

If you have any additional questions, give our crew a call at 910-466-4427!

Crossfire Indoor Paintball