The perfect laser tag alternative! Crossfire Adrenaline Center added Gellyball in 2021. GellyBall is the perfect activity for kids, teens, and adults. Do you get bored easily playing laser tag? There is no feedback from the equipment and no way of knowing if you really hit someone. Laser tag centers across America have always sold Laser tag as an alternative to paintball by calling paintball messy, painful, and stressful to host a party. While none of those things are true, GellyBall fully takes care of any of the perceived issues of paintball! Jellyball markers shoot just as hard as paintball markers and are fully automatic shooting 12 balls per second! Sounds a little painful right? Wrong! The impact from a JellyBall is equivalent to a Nerf dart!

Gellyball parties couldnā€™t be easier to host. With the age minimum starting at five, practically anyone can play! Gellyballs are very similar to the Orbeez that your kids already play with! When a Jellyball hits you, there is no mess or staining and the impact level is equivalent to a Nerf dart. We offer different packages for every party size. We also have unlimited ammo options! With the markers being fully automatic, groups tend to go through more ammo.

Who is Jellyball for? Everyone! Jellyball is perfect for kids, teens and adults. The best birthday party age is ages 6-12. We also have a lot of companies that play and host team building and holiday parties!

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