Are you tired of hosting the same boring company Christmas party every year? 

Fill your holiday season with adrenaline packed paintball or nerf! At Crossfire, we use our own paintballs. Our main goal is to be sure that everyone has a great time, and create memories that you will have for years to come. Folks who have played paintball for a while normally will pick out clothes to wear that they know are going to get pretty messed up. One of the things people like most about our facility is that we have non-stain paintball options. Here, the type of balls we use are made of vegetable oil and food coloring. When they come in contact they will break open a lot easier than other kinds.. This means less of a sting and less of a mess! 

Paintball is the perfect activity for companies/teams looking to bond! Communication is key if you want to win. Paintball is a team based sport. Most games are single elimination where the winner is the last player/team standing on the field! At Crossfire Paintball and Nerf we offer games like team death match, capture the flag, infected, and more!

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