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Crossfire Paintball is the premier party destination in Wilmington! Our low impact paintballs provides for an intense adrenaline-pumping experience without the harsh sting of traditional paintballs. Whether you’re 7 or 70, Crossfire Paintball creates an experience like no other!

To make sure everyone is playing on a level playing field, only rental paintball guns and paintballs purchased at Crossfire will be allowed.
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Birthday Parties

So it’s your kid’s birthday party and you’re looking for something fun to do in the Wilmington area… look no further than Crossfire Paintball!

After all, there’s only so much pizza and ice cream a kid can handle…

We’re most popular amongst 10-16 year olds, but our birthday parties would work for just about anyone – even you old folks in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s!

Team Building

Looking for a way to bring your employees together, but sick and tired of eating pizza while you stand around the boardroom table?

At Crossfire Paintball, our amazing paintball course is exactly what you need!

And thanks to our exciting indoor, air-conditioned course, you’ll never have to worry about cancelling because of lousy weather!

Advanced Play

So you’re gearing up for a big paintball event and it starts pouring down rain … or maybe it’s the middle of summer and temperatures are reaching record highs.

But situations like these don’t matter at Crossfire Paintball. Our incredible indoor course changes all the time and makes it easy to play, and have fun … no matter what things look like outside!

Top 3 Reasons To Celebrate at Crossfire Paintball?

1) Our facility includes everything needed to throw the best birthday bash ever! Every party gets their own private picnic table(s), and the birthday boy/girl can choose their favorite music playlist while playing.

2) We didn’t forget about the parents! We offer a comfortable parents lounge with brand new leather couches, 65″ LED TV w/cable, Brunswick 8ft pool table, free Wi-Fi internet, refrigerators, and much more!

3) We designed Crossfire with families and beginners in mind. This means we do not allow high powered automatic paintball guns, our professional referees will make sure all matches are evenly divided by age/skill level, and we ensure a family-friendly (non-intimidating) atmosphere.

What our players say

Testimonial 1

I took my restaurant staff to play for my daughter’s birthday and this place is awesome! We played 4 hours and 16000 paint balls later we were happily exhausted. Crossfire is the way to go for sure! If you haven’t been you need to go. Also the staff we very nice and friendly. Every one was helpful in every way. I will definitely be a regular at this place!!! Thank you from my team of players. We enjoyed every minute of it! (Facebook)

Testimonial 3

Went to Crossfire the other day and was blown away by the experience, the staff, and the facilities overall. The field was slightly smaller than I would have hoped for, but it didn’t stop us from having some amazing 8 on 8 battles. The turf was fun to play on (though you will want to wear long pants) and the smaller sized paint balls were much more reasonable to deal with for the younger crowd.

Excellent group of people, that work really hard to provide a one of a kind experience. Give them a call! (Facebook)

Testimoniall 4

Crossfire Paintball was a great time for everyone in attendance for my son’s birthday party! This is true for both the spectators and the players alike. The staff was very friendly and helpful making our experience even better. We will be going back to Crossfire for more fun in the near future and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great time! (Trip Advisor)

Testimonials 5

We played Paintball this year for our Christmas party to switch it up a bit and everyone loved it! It was extremely easy to reserve and they were very helpful from start to finish. We loved getting together in such a fun environment! We are all raving at how fun our christmas party was this year!! I highly recommend it if you haven’t been. (Trip Advisor)

Testimonial 2

I went with a friend who took his 16-year-old son. I am familiar with paintball and was nervous about him going without ‘proper gear’ and by himself. I was worried for nothing! The staff were amazing and made sure he had a safety briefing, and the other participants were just as amazing! The ages ranged from what looked like about 6-7 years to a group that was there as part of a Bachelors party. Everyone was encouraging and after about 2 games the 16-year-old was laughing and goofing off with them all like they were old friends! Even the ‘turf rash’ and hit welts were a joke and badges of honor by the end of the 2nd pod of ammo! Thanks for making this an amazing afternoon!! We will be back with friends!!! (Facebook)
Crossfire Indoor Paintball